Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor's Message

September/October 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For the past two years we have pursued the same approach for our Adult Group during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings.  The weeks of the month follow a pattern which allows for a variety of topics to be covered.  Each class is designed to be self-contained so participants can come when they are able and interested without feeling they are behind others or out of the loop.

This approach has been well-received and we are repeating it again this year.  We will, however, be making some changes in the topics (but not all).  Here is the pattern we will start with this year:

1st Sunday of the month—We will repeat this year the focus we used last year which was well-received.  Each “First Sunday” we will look at the appointed lessons for a Sunday later in the month.  I may try to at least touch on the Psalm this year, a lesson we usually passed over this past year.

2nd Sunday of the month (September 10 will be the first day of Sunday School and so this will be our first focus)—This will be a “topical” study; each month pursuing a different topic.  We will start with a requested topic:  “The End Times.”  I would imagine some topics might stretch out over a couple of months.  Even when that is the case, they will be self-contained, allowing participants to follow that week’s lesson without having been in attendance the month before.

3rd Sunday of the month—“Our Hymns.”  As with the first Sunday of the month, we will be looking at an upcoming Sunday.  Instead of the lessons for that Sunday, we will look at the hymns.  The history of the hymns themselves, the authors, the tunes, the composers.  Most importantly, we will take the time to better appreciate the words and how they contribute to the themes of the day and season.

4th Sunday of the month—The Reformation.  As we continue with the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation, we will continue this popular week’s focus as we look at the people, events and impact of this dramatic movement in Church history.

5th Sunday of the month (when there is one)—We will continue what has been for many a most popular focus of the last two years:  “The Bible Says the Darnedest Things;” looking at some of the odd, unusual, confusing or often ignored passages and stories of Scripture.

Watch for a poster in the narthex and notices in the bulletins for specific topics each month.  Join us when you can as often as you can.

There are a number of special days and events coming up in these two months.  Please be sure to read this newsletter, our bulletins and our Friday email blasts so that you don’t miss anything!

In the name of Christ,

Pastor Zimmermann