Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor's Message

September/October 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Sunday morning after the last issue of our newsletter was published, Pastor Denys came out of worship and saying he felt I needed a hug, gave me one. I always appreciate a hug, but, while it has not been unheard of, it isn't Pastor Denys' usual Sunday morning greeting. The look on my face must have shown my wonderment. He said, simply "I read the newsletter."

My frustration and my concern were evident in that letter as I tried to encourage a gerater response to the needs of our congregation by its members. I broke one of my own guidelines when it comes to speaking or writing about stewardship. I nearly always place the emphasis on our response coming out of our recognition and appreciation of God's abundant gifts to us; not as a means to support the church's programs. Let me try a different approach by sharing a brief story.

Recently I received a phone call at home. I heard the voice of our neighbor's caregiver, apologizing for calling but hoping we might have some rice. She had just come from shopping with our neighbor, had forgotten rice and didn't want to have to prepare her to go out again. It felt good, not only that there was no crisis (which is sometimes the reason I get evening calls), but that a neighbor thought enough of us to know that we wouldn't mind the call and to trust that we would help if we could.

Since Cindy was out, my next concern was whether I would be able to find the rice. It was, in fact, in the first place I looked and I walked it over to the neighbor. So, good feelings all around...that we would be asked and that we were able to help...that we had what our neighbor needed.

Each month in this newsletter and each week in our bulletin and our announcements, our neighbors ask...for food to eat, for volunteers to provide leadership, for financial support for our ministries. Our neighbors may be other members of our congregation, our Congregation Council, our community programs, the national church or persons on the other side of the world...Christ has reminded us they are all our neighbors.

Look in the cabinets of your lives...your time, your skills, your support...and rejoice and give thanks when you find that you do indeed have what is needed.

In the name of Christ
Pastor Zimmermann