Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor's Message

December 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It has been some time since I put pen to paper to write a poem. Although the outcome may show that I am out of practice, let me use this form in reflecting on the Advent season.

This season, Lord, has become for some
A source of consternation.
"Get on with it! Get the candles lit!
Move on to adoration!"

"This waiting time bores! It's left bereft
Of carols we love singing.
Why wait at all? Just look at the mall!
It's Christmas bells they're ringing!"

and yet your daughters and sons, the ones
Who formed your holy nation
Waited for year upon empty year
Hoping for salvation

The promised one whom you said would come
Was not swift in coming;
and yet those who trusted, adjusted,
Your faithful becoming

And demonstrating in their waiting
A deeper faith in you;
They used the time in ways sublime
Appreciation grew.

It is not right that we, in spite
Of all the world may say,
Should now anticipate the date
And watch, and hope, and pray?

And as we yearn may we not learn
To see the true gift more?
That we concede our deepest need,
That's what this Advent's for.

In Christ,
Pastor Zimmermann