Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor's Message

June 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Nearly all, if not all of you, have already received a letter from me and many others of you will have heard by word-of-mouth: I have resigned as pastor of Faith Lutheran and will enter into retirement in July.

As I write this cover letter, I am aware that I have often given this space to stewardship in June as we prepare for a new fiscal year. I am also aware that the news of my leaving and "what next" kind of questions might well be more central in your thoughts and concerns right now.

The facts are that (1) between now and mid-July we will have many opportunities to address my leaving and the issues related thereto; (2) since your thoughts might not be on Stewardship, there is all the more need for me to direct them there; and (3) these concerns are, in fact, strongly related.

Stewardship, I have reminded you before is a form of thanksgiving, a way of giving thanks to God for all God has given us. In the months to come, your stewardship will make all the difference in the ongoing ministry of our congregation. Your willingness to share your time and talents, to participate in the life of God's church will be necessary for this congregation to remain active and vital. Your sharing of your treasures will be necessary to undergird and support our ministry in Christ's name.

Let us give thanks to God for the opportunities that lie before us and for the sure promise of God's presence throughout. I ask that you join me in giving thanks to God as well for the ministry we have shared in our years of partnership. We have accomplished much together. Now, with God's guidance, we follow diverging paths but still have much to accomplish in the name of our loving God.

In Christ,
Pastor Zimmermann